That's all, Folks! The liquidation sale is over, and the website is now closed.

I want to thank ALL of you for your business (and friendship) over the last 9 1/2 years. Some of your order comments brought me to tears, and I took photos of them to remind me how LUCKY I was, to have had customers like you!

For those of you who are curious as to what lies ahead, my new business venture is with doTERRA essential oils! (The website is They are the purest and highest quality essential oils on the planet, and they do a whole lot more than just smell pretty! They are essentially God's medicine, in it's purest form. Nothing added, nothing taken away. Just pure goodness that can help with a LOT of different issues!

I actually used doTERRA essential oils to quit vaping completely, by creating "sniffer sticks" to bring to my nose and inhale deeply, every time I had a nicotine craving. The eye-hand-lung coordination is very similar to vaping, which helped tremendously! (I'll be making a video about how to make your own sniffer sticks to control nicotine cravings - or ANY craving, really - soon!)

Please feel free to check out my website, and you-tube videos, and social media posts... and please contact me if there's anything I can help you with!  I'd LOVE to keep seeing your friendly faces! 

My new business -->

Thanks again, everyone! I'm going to miss you all SO MUCH! 
 Please don't be strangers, and please take REALLY good care of yourselves! 
 You deserve it!